The Most Indulgent Menu Options at Chinese Food Restaurants

One of our favorite ways to treat ourselves is by partaking in our favorite restaurant's offerings. A beloved meal can feel like a welcome reward after a stressful week, not to mention how convenient it can be to skip cooking duties for an evening. When looking for a place to enjoy a meal, many are drawn to local Chinese food restaurants for a delectable dining experience. However, while it can be fun to indulge from time to time, there are a few offerings that should be saved for special occasions.

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Just because a meal satisfies your taste buds doesn't mean it will offer much nutritionally! Here are some popular selections that should be enjoyed sparingly. One option that should be saved for special occasions is General Tso's chicken. While this sweet and spicy entree is a favorite of many, the fact that it is deep-fried means it packs a punch in terms of calories. It's also an Americanized dish, meaning that those who are seeking authentic or traditional flavors have another reason to sample something else. Very similar in many ways are crab rangoon. Filled with cream cheese, these don't actually contain any real seafood. .