What Should You Expect When Hiring an Exterior House Painting Company

When repainting a home, you will need to hire an exterior house painting company. These professionals are responsible for the oversight and completion of the project and will make sure you walk away satisfied. This video explains the process of exterior house painting and will give you an idea of what to expect.

There are a few steps that happen to prepare the house before any paint is even used. Exterior painters begin by pressure washing the walls of your home. This will remove any dirt or dust build-up that could be trapped under the new paint. Repairing any damaged surfaces and removing leftover paint is important to ensure the best application.

Professionals will measure the moisture level of bare wood walls to see if a primer is necessary. If there are any visible wood knots, you might also spot prime to take care of those. Some professionals will use the primer straight out of the can to fully coat their bristles. Once your painters prime any necessary spots, the house is ready for painting. Depending on the color choice, two coats of paint may be necessary for full coverage, and should always be applied from top to bottom.

You should be proud of how your house looks from the outside! Go through these points with your professional exterior painter to be sure that they are ready for the job.