Lessons From a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense attorneys must mount the most effective defense for their clients, no matter how heinous the crime, whether they are accused of minor offenses or mass murder. While their work upholds a person's constitutional right to a fair trial, some critics accuse them of portraying society's villains. However, there are valuable lessons one can learn from their profession.

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Bonding With Clients Is Essential It can be challenging to find common ground with someone accused of crimes that could result in life in prison or even the death penalty, but defense attorneys have to relate well with their clients as human beings. Don't Let Personal Feelings Rule Their Work Some defendants have committed heinous crimes, but they still have constitutional rights, so attorneys should not let their personal feelings about a crime interfere with a client's defense. A Defendant Can Be Their Own Enemy The saying about never speaking with police without an attorney present is probably the best piece of advice any defendant will ever receive, but many still refuse to listen. Defendants who sit in jail before their court dates risk digging deeper. If dissatisfied with their counsel, some clients will write letters of complaint to the DA or a judge, which may reveal damaging information that the prosecutors can later use against them.