See a Local Psychic Reader Shock an Audience

Psychics are often viewed with a Hollywood-styled lens by normal people, given the extraordinary nature of their work. The video features a psychic conducting a reading for two members of a morning talk show audience and goes some way toward demystifying how local psychic readers go about their work. Contrary to the common perception of psychics as Hollywood-styled magicians, the experience of being a psychic involves daydream-like experiences that engage all the senses. The psychic reader in the video goes ahead to demonstrate this by conducting psychic readings for two members of the audience.

Video Source

In the first reading, the psychic identifies a woman in the audience whose husband has suffered a brain aneurysm. He also correctly reveals the woman's plans to make a career switch from her current one as an automobile dealer. After the second audience reading, the psychic reveals why celebrities are his least favorite set of people to perform a reading on. Kim Kardashian, the famous TV reality star, surprisingly proved to be different when the psychic encountered her and conducted a reading, thereby demonstrating that there are always exceptions to every rule.