Fun Catering Ideas for Your Next Gathering

In the YouTube Video titled "Eleven Creative Catering Ideas to Make Your Event Memorable" they discuss different types of catering events to consider. A coffee bar for a morning or late afternoon event can have different types of coffee: regular and decaffeinated, cold brew coffee and nitro coffee. You can serve desserts or pastries with coffee.

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A popcorn bar may be appropriate for a meeting or event where you plan to show movies and videos. You can have different types of popcorn. You can have a few trucks outside to cater to your outdoor events at home or in the office. A healthy salad bar with fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, might be appropriate at a company event or for those on special diets. A local restaurant can cater to your event and they often have special menus to choose from. A late evening event can serve appetizers, small plates, sandwiches, wine, beer, and soft trees with a tapas theme. For breakfast, donut and coffee bar or an artisan doughnut wall may be a good theme. For the health conscious, a smoothie bar that serves fruit or vegetable shakes can work. Everyone loves tacos, so a taco bar that serves different types of tacos will work for all ages. Craft beers are popular so having them with tasty appetizes is another idea for catering.