Don't Make This Deadly Tree Cutting Mistake

Maintaining a beautiful garden is important for homeowners, but some people have no idea how to cut their trees and bushes properly. The Youtube video "Bad Pruning - A Deadly Mistake" shows the big errors most people make that can ruin their yards. Let's find out more! People who damaged their gardens probably end up searching for an arborist near me, and that's great. However, a little research could've prevented damage to your plants and saved you some money.

Video Source

Let's talk about bad pruning. You can't trust just anyone to cut or prune a tree. It might seem easy, but sometimes, homeowners end up spending hundreds of dollars only to see their beautiful oaks destroyed. Pruning is actually a complex topic and there are many books about it. What you should know first is that a branch has to be cut in a precise way in an exact location. It's not something you can just improvise. The specific place is known as the branch collar, which is a particular spot at the base of the branch where the wood seems to start differing from the main trunk. You can check out the rest of the video for more details about pruning and arborist near me.