What's the Average Day Like for an Attorney?

As Tips for Lawyers shares in "A Day in the Life of a Lawyer - What Does a Lawyer Actually Do?,“ the day of an attorney looks similar to most office workers. While the movies might suggest that a lawyer's day is filled with vital discussions with pretty people while taking a brisk stroll, the reality is far from Hollywood's portrayal. Even law school doesn't give the best impression of what a day-to-day reality looks like for a lawyer.

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While law school makes the tasks of an attorney seem to consist of citing cases and writing submissions, these are a small percentage of a lawyer's work week. The truth is, the day of a lawyer looks mundane. One main task for attorneys is managing emails. Also, lawyers tend to spend a lot of time in meetings with clients and fellow professionals. Lawyers also make a decent number of phone calls. Beyond emails, phone calls, and meetings, a lot of a lawyer's work hours are devoted towards reading, researching, and writing. Certain fields may also include heading to court, but most lawyers spend the majority of their time working in the legal office.