Follow These Tips When Making the Best Pizza At Home

It is not a huge stretch to say that every city, every town, and every village in this country has a pizza place. Pizza has become over the years, the favorite food of millions of Americans. Although many feel their local pizza parlor makes the best pizza in the world, many are trying their hand at making their own. So what tips and tricks do you need to know in order to make the best pizza at home? The obvious place to start when looking to make the best pizza at home is to choose the best ingredients.

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One way the home cook has the upper hand in creating great pizza is by having control over the quality, and quantity, of ingredients. If you have a garden, you can take the freshness of ingredients to the next level. Use homegrown herbs and vegetables on your pizza to create an even fresher and healthier pie. One thing the average homeowner does not have, which puts pizza restaurants at an advantage, is a pizza oven. Pizza is best when cooked quickly at very high temperatures. Investing in a pizza stone can help. A pizza stone holds heat when placed in an oven or on the grill. The hot stone gives a quick and consistent cook to the dough, helping the home cook make the best pizza at home. .