Which Tents are Best for Event Tent Rental Businesses?

In a "Tent Rental Guy" video, the owner of an event tent rental business shares his expertise on starting from scratch in this business. He says when starting with nothing, the first thing you need for your event tent rental businesses are, of course, the tents. He warns, "do not buy junk tents.

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" He explains that junk tents are the kind that looks like garage ports and is actually only tarps. These are sold in various sizes and are very time-consuming to put together. The metal poles are cheaply made with the tarp attached by bungee cords, which frequently are not even included. Once put together, these tents buckle or blow over with a decent wind. They will cost your business dearly. Purchase high-quality tents instead. These are made of vinyl and do not rip easily. They are attached all the way on the poles leaving no gaps as the junk tents do. They are strong and wind resistant, rarely caving into the elements, and waterproof. To save money, buy the poles elsewhere, as tent manufacturers mark up the pole support costs when sold with the tents.