What's It Like to Be a Lawyer in Chicago?

Being a lawyer in a big city like Chicago isn't as glamorous as some people think. A day in the life of a commercial real estate lawyer starts at around 7 a.m. and doesn't end until around 10 p.

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As a commercial real estate lawyer in Chicago, taking public transportation is part of daily life. It's more economical than trying to drive into the city and find parking downtown. One of the perks of working at the Willis Tower is the view, which partially makes up for having to commute into the city.

Some lawyers in the city are still on a hybrid working schedule. This makes some days at the office a bit quieter because there are not as many people there. Eating in the common areas of a busy building like the Willis Tower is one place to have lunch, and you can find times it isn't busy.

Alternating between sitting and standing at a convertible desk makes the afternoon more bearable. Making the most of the commute home means doing a little more work before getting to personal matters. A final work push after dinner and family time completes a day in the life of a Chicago commercial real estate attorney.