Here's How to Tell if You Need New Brakes

The braking system is one component of your automobile that must constantly be in excellent operating condition. So, how do you know when to replace the brakes on your vehicle? Find out by watching this video. Check the condition of your brake pads by viewing them through the gaps between the wheel's spokes.

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There should be at least a quarter of an inch of pad. If you put your foot on the brake and hear clunking noises, your brake pads or discs need replacing. The brakes may also screech if the automobile has been sitting in rain or stagnant water for an extended time. If your vehicle does not run straight and level when you apply the brakes, it could be a worrying issue if you apply emergency brakes. You may need new ones. Get your brakes checked as soon as possible if you feel vibrations in either the steering wheel or the brake pedal when you slow down. If your brake pedal is vibrating, this indicates that your brake discs need replacing. Find a qualified professional mechanic to repair your brake pads and brakes if you notice any of the above signs.