Looking to Build Fence Gates? Here's How

Fence gates that are beautiful and well-maintained would add a curb appeal to anyone’s property. The fence gates are ideal, especially when the summertime is in full swing.

Building a Fence Gate

This project would only take a day, and DIY-ers can do it with their basic carpentry skills.

Treating the Timber

Before you start, you must treat first the gateposts with wood preservative right before you set and fit it into the concrete. You should also cut the top of the gateposts to the slant so it would allow the rainwater to drain off.

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Have the Best Position for Fence Gates

The gate should lie down on the ground while it faces the direction of the opening. Position it in line with posts, and raise it using a couple of timber underneath. You may also add extra offcuts to get the desired height.

Fixing of Hinges

You should also put the hinges correctly at the back of the gate. After marking the screw locations, drill the first hole. Drill the remaining holes to ensure the drill isn’t that large. Once done, install the hinges using galvanized screws.

Bracing the Gate

To guarantee that the structure is sturdy enough, the gate and posts must be braced with lengths of wood. Once done, put the concrete using wooden props to keep the gateposts in the right position.