Auto Repair Tips: How to Fix Your Headlights

Avoid incidents or infractions on the road by repairing your headlights without taking your car to an auto repair service. Keeping your headlights in good condition can save your life and the life of pedestrians, and here we'll show you what you have to do to keep your headlights working perfectly.

Most of these fixes aren't forever, but they will improve your headlight quality and vision when driving. The first tip is to clean your headlights with toothpaste.

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Although most of us wouldn't think about putting toothpaste in our car, it works like a charm to remove those cracks that make our lights foggy. Toothpaste can make your headlights look brand new, as it cleans and whitens the headlights' crystal.

If you want to improve the headlights' quality, clean them with baking soda. Mixing baking soda and toothpaste is a good cleaning mix, as it will leave your headlights shiny and luminous. Moreover, remember to clean it with a soft wet cloth and let the headlights dry with the sun.

Keeping your headlights working like a charm can save your life. If you need more help than these tips, go to an auto repair shop.