Common Beginner Mistakes in Asphalt Striping

Many homeowners find it better to use asphalt for their driveways. Business owners also find it truly beneficial to use the material for their parking lots. Thus, they often hire professionals to do the asphalt striping for them.

While it can be extremely affordable to use either concrete or asphalt for the project, most residential and commercial owners still prefer the latter. This is because asphalt provides more benefits than its other alternatives.

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First off, asphalt is simple to apply and can be placed or surfaced rapidly. The length of the driveway or parking lot size will determine how long it will take to complete. If you end up using concrete, it would require two times as long to complete the installation and even longer for it to be fully set.

Additionally, you can anticipate greater durability while using asphalt. It is less susceptible to ground peeling than concrete, which is typically caused by incorrect combination preparation or poor installation methods. Most cement driveways have surface cracking or spalling, especially those that were put in rapidly.

Additionally, you will spend less money on upkeep when you use asphalt instead of concrete. It will be less prone to cracking over time since it's more flexible than cement. Plus, it will be simple and inexpensive to fix.

Watch this informational video by Billy Davidson, where you'll discover some of the biggest mistakes beginners make when doing asphalt striping for parking lots.