Expert Barber's Perfect Edge and Fade Techniques

Some people think that working at a barber shop is easy, but it takes skills and knowledge to make hair look good. The Youtube video "Florida's Edge And Fade Expert – Barbers Of The World – Insider" shows what an expert barber does every day and how he achieves the complicated styles his clients want. Let's find out more!

The barber has to begin by wetting the hair and lifting it from the scalp. He calls it prepping, so his clippers or the machine can run easily over the client's head throughout the session.

Video Source

For the first client in the video, he was using the No. 4 guard because the customer had cowlicks. Dealing with directional hair is something that takes years of experience to make look so easy. He needs to recognize hair patterns and more.

Using the bigger guard helped him cut in a more consistent manner. This client was given a lower bald taper but with exaggerated C-cups, so the tapers start low, but they are going to help with a final arc shape. He also used his No. 2 guard to ensure that the hair was not cut too close to the scalp, giving it a sharp and defined look.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about working at a barber shop.