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Welded Wire Fence Installation

The video by a building expert, "How to Install a Welded Wire Fence the Fast & Easy Way" shows the audience how easy fence installation can be. All the tools you need can be found at any standard home-improvement store, and the labor is simple enough almost anyone can install this kind of fence. In addition to the welded wire and posts, a garden post driver comes in handy.

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It is a cheap tool you can use to drive posts one foot deep into the ground. Make sure the top of the flag is barely visible above the dirt. With two people, one person can hold the post at a level point on the ground and another person can drive it in with the post driver. The installation itself is done by attaching the wire panels to the T-posts using fence ties. This is a good type of fence to put up to keep a dog or toddler in a safety zone. It is not meant to support a ton of weight against it, so it's not ideal for farming or other heavy-duty containment. .