What is Whole House Water Filtration?

As a homeowner, you should understand the benefits of a whole house water filtration system. The Youtube video "What is a Whole House Water Filter and What Does it Do?" explains everything so you can make a decision. Let's find out more!

A whole house water filtration system can be an extremely complicated setup depending on what you're trying to filter out. If your house connects to a well, you might be looking at installing a sediment mechanical filtration, water softener, and an ultraviolet system to both filter and disinfect the water.

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However, if your water supply comes from the city, you might just need sediment filtration to prevent debris and chlorine from entering your home.

The main idea is that all the water that goes into your house, meaning your washing machines, toilets, sinks, etc. will be completely filtered. You could also choose other aspects of filtration. If you don't want iron in the water or other hardness, you can install something to get that out. Your setup will depend on what you want and what kind of water is supplied to your home.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about whole house water filtration.