A Guide to Furnace Repair Services

A furnace is one piece of equipment vital to the comfort of your home. The video below is a great guide to help you maintain the unit to help it run smoothly throughout the year. And to help with furnace repair services. 1. Gather all the tools needed to start and finish the job.

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A pair of gloves, a vacuum, a brush, a screwdriver, and a new air filter are the tools that are needed to do the job. 2. Make sure to disconnect the power and turn the gas off to the unit before taking action. 3. Remove the old filter and put the new filter in place following the arrow that indicates the proper airflow. 4. Remove the front panel and use the vacuum to remove any dirt around the edges and coils. 5. Inspect the wires for corrosion. 6. Look for any water damage on the metal parts. 7. Install the front panel and tighten the screws back down. 8. Turn the power back on and open the gas line.