The Cost of Home Siding Replacement

In this video about home siding replacement, Steve McNary of " The Home Solutions Channel" shares his expertise about the costs of your home siding replacement. Steve informs us that there are five factors that affect the cost of a home siding replacement project. These are, the square footage of the home, the condition of the existing siding, the type of siding material chosen for the project, any customizations, and any recommended additions.

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For instance, a bigger home takes more materials in square footage. The cost of the materials varies from the cheapest, which is masonite, to the most expensive, which is fiber cement. He further explains the basic costs for each material, adding that angles such as gables can add to the cost as would possible, customizing your project or adding any contractor recommendations. According to Steve, the cheaper a siding is, the less durable it is, so consider more expensive materials for a home siding replacement because they last longer, making your project more cost-effective. He suggests completing other things at the same time. For instance, painting the garage doors so that the end result is a complete makeover of the home.