A DIY Guide to Furnace Repair Service

In this video, Vance gives tips on getting your furnace ready for use without calling a furnace repair service. Vance, from "Repair and Replace," explains that failing to do maintenance on a furnace before using it can lower its efficiency and cost much more money to heat your home and spread dust and allergens around the house. He walks us through the steps to cleaning a furnace, starting with turning on the power to the furnace and closing the gas valve for safety.

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Next, he gives us a list of items needed for cleaning and inspecting your furnace. These include gloves, a vacuum, a furnace filter, a brush, and a screwdriver or nut driver. Each step of the cleaning process is explained, along with what can happen if regular furnace maintenance is not done. He simplifies the process so a homeowner can safely clean all the parts. Vance also mentions the dangers that come from not cleaning. For example, failing to clean away dust means the heater exchange can get too hot and blow life-threading carbon monoxide into the air.