Common Myths Revolving Pain Management

Some people suffer from chronic diseases or have been through tough surgeries that require pain management. However, most of them have some concerns due to certain myths. The Youtube video "Top 5 Misconceptions About Pain Management" explains these fallacies and how to prevent issues.

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One of the main misconceptions about pain management is that some people believe they'll become addicted to prescription meds. That's a huge topic in the United States right now. The truth is that these drugs should not be harmful. They are very useful for many patients, but people who take them for a long time become addicted, and there are ways to avoid that.

Some of the most common addictive substances are Oxycontin, Vicodin, and Opana. It's important to follow your doctor's exact instructions regarding these medications to avoid issues later. If you are not actively in pain, you should not take them. Only use them when it's necessary and alert your doctor if something's wrong.

Another misconception is that some patients take a long time to recover after surgery and think they'll be in pain forever. They don't know how many options they have to ease their discomfort. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about pain management.