The Fundamental Skills Taught by Professional Dog Trainers

It's important to train a dog to create a bond between the dog and the owner, and for the safety of the dog and those around it. This video demonstrates how to use treat-based rewards to train a dog. A dog can be rewarded with a treat, a tug, or praise. A tug is like a prey item to the dog. The reward teaches the dog that if it does a particular action, it will receive affirmation.

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Charging the mark teaches the dog that the word ‘yes' or the sound of a clicker is associated with a reward. So, if the dog trainer says the word ‘yes', they will produce a reward, which could be kibble or a tug. It is easier to use food to train the dog. To get the dog engaged, wait for the dog to look at you, say ‘yes', and produce the reward such as kibble. This will need to be done several times and you can also increase the quantity of kibble. If you are unable to train the dog on your own, hire reputable dog trainers and you will get a well-behaved dog within a short time.