Making Drinks at a Daiquiri Bar

Whether you are a bartender at a daiquiri bar or a general drink enthusiast, you should want to know the basics behind a daiquiri. Typically, lime, sugar, and white rum are the standard ingredients in daiquiris but they are easy to customize for different occasions.

In many drinks, we can't know for sure what spirit was originally used in a drink but for daiquiris, we know for a fact that rum was used. Bacardi White Rum works best! You will want to use lime juice that is no older than ten hours but at least four hours for the best taste.

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Powdered cane sugar was originally used, but in today's daiquiris bars, sugar syrups are more common.

You should keep a daiquiris glass in the freezer before serving because the colder the drink, the better. If you want to add lime zest to your drink, simply cut a small strip off your lime before shaking your drink up. Once everything is shaken, use a strainer to help hold back ice chips from being served with your drink.

If you want to learn more about daiquiris or other renditions of this favorite drink, watch along with the video!