Watch This Tour of a Spa-Like Dental Office

Dental practitioners across the United States have established welcoming and calming environments for their patients by adopting the look and feel of spas to ease the anxiety and fear associated with dentist visits. This review tours a spa-like dental office. The institution aims to change how people feel about visiting the dentist.

Video Source

This spa-like dental office has a couple of areas where patients can wait for their dentist or hygienist. These lobbies are also open to persons accompanying patients, such as parents, spouses, friends, etc. The video shows this dental office has a coffee and snack lounge that produces these foods in-house, as well as a kids' play area. The narrator in the video details that one of the most critical machines in the office is the 3D X-ray machine that provides a lot of info, including making sure that the dental practitioners place implants correctly. Unlike most dental offices, there is a courtyard for patients to relax and even massaging chairs that patients can use as they wait for their treatment plan. The courtyard view in treatment rooms helps calm anxious patients.