Essential Auto Detailing Tools

Keeping your car at its best requires a number of tools. If you're just diving into the art of auto detailing, stick around for some helpful tips to begin your automobile restoration.

Restoring and polishing the cosmetic properties of your vehicle requires a number of basic tools. Let's start with the ProBlow Dryer.

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A car parked outside will inevitably collect pine needles, leaves, dirt, and a number of other contaminants. ProBlow will efficiently clear the exterior of these elements, setting your car up to be easily washed and polished.

While the ProBlow brings an ease of access to the crevices of your vehicle, the Bucket Dolly offers a similar level of accessibility. Washing your car requires a lot of movement, and the Bucket Dolly presents a solution to the backtracking that comes with retrieving different washing supplies for different areas of your automobile. Rolling around with your wash bucket allows you to stave off back pain and tedious movement.

Another simple yet effective tool is an interior brush set. Various sizes of brushes come with soft bristles that allow precise cleaning of the dust and grime that becomes trapped in the various crevices of your interior.

Now that you're equipped with essential auto detailing tools, you can begin mastering the basics of auto detailing!