Options for Paintless Auto Dent Repair

In a YouTube video titled "Paintless Dent Removal DIY & Pro", they show you how to repair a vehicle using paintless dent removal kits and a professional auto dent repair technician. Consumers can purchase paintless dent removal kits at auto stores or online. They come with some of the tools needed to repair small dents.

Video Source

These kits are designed for consumers that know about auto repair and have some experience. The first step to using the kit is to wash the car or vehicle. The kit comes with a board and suction cup holder that attaches to the car's surface to see the dent better.

After you use this tool, you attach a plastic tab with glue to the dent and let it dry. Once the tab dries, it is pulled off with a special puller tool. The leftover glue on the dent can be removed with paint thinner. A special tool can be used to bang the dent out and then add touch-up paint to finish the job. This works well with small dents.

Larger dents require professional auto dent repair services with trained auto technicians with special tools and skills. The video shows a professional auto dent repair technician working on a larger dent and compares DIY and Pro techniques.