Understanding Stump Removal

Although on the surface it may appear to be an easy task, stump removal can be more difficult than perceived. Making sure the task is addressed properly can be the key factor in determining whether a job will be simple, or lead to damages to tools or the person attempting to remove the stump.

Start by focusing on the exposed roots. If there are a large number of roots exposed, starting the process by cutting these can help some stump get out of the ground a lot easier.

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It is also important to not just dig under the stump, but around it as well. The more space inspected can allow more to be removed before attempting to lift the stump out of the ground. The less there is to hold it in, the simpler the process.

Some roots may be simple to remove with a large pair of cutters. However, the thicker pieces should be cut using an electric blade or saw. This ensures that while attempting to cut, one is not harming themselves or the tools.

Finally, it is important to apply leverage upon attempting to remove the stump. This can be done by inserting a shovel on one side and pushing down on it, as opposed to attempting to lift the stump straight out of the ground.

For more information on stump removal, please review the attached video.