Tips on Auto Repair

Cars need many basic repairs over the course of their lifetime. Here are some basic auto repair jobs that can easily be done on most cars.

For any repair you should read the owner's manual for the car, and look at examples of the repair online. There are many sources that show photos and diagrams walking you through the steps.

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An easy thing to maintain is the fluid levels in your car. For example, you can easily replace the windshield washer fluid. Open the hood, find the reservoir that holds the windshield washer fluid, and pour in the new fluid until the reservoir is full. You can follow similar steps for other fluids in the car.

Windshield wipers are also easy to replace. It is important to double-check that the new wiper blades are the correct size for the car. Once that is confirmed you just need to follow the instructions to remove the old wiper blades and install the new ones, and you usually don't need any tools.

Checking and fixing tire pressure is another easy repair. Use an air pressure reader, and if the number is lower than the number in the vehicle manual you should add more air. Simply put the air compressor on the tire valve and occasionally check the air level until it shows the correct number.

For more tips on auto repair see the linked video.