How Irrigation Services Operate

On the YouTube Channel, Blue Jay Irrigation, they show the typical day of a technician in irrigation services and the job they perform. The video is titled "The Day In the Life of An Irrigation Service Technician." The technicians work as a team and install, repair, and inspect irrigation systems at homes, golf courses, businesses, and farms.

Video Source

They work as a team and start their day cleaning up and organizing materials for a day's work. They review their work assignments and check their trucks for any problems inside and out before starting out. After they review the customers they will visit. The technicians install and repair commercial irrigation systems that provide water to lawns, gardens, farms, and business properties. The technician fixes leaks in the systems and troubleshoots problems when a system is not working correctly. Many homeowners have these systems installed for lawns and gardens. Businesses use irrigation services to keep their landscape looking professional for employees and customers. Technicians often conduct inspections and make notes for other technicians on what needs to be repaired, equipment needed, and how many technicians are needed to do a job. They may do an inspection to install a system and take notes to advise other staff what is needed for the job. Irrigation services help to maintain lawns, gardens and for farmers to grow crops.