How to Install Ceramic Tile

Installing ceramic tile is a great way to make your bathroom look new again. This article will cover the basic steps to upgrade your bathroom and increase the value of your home.

You will need to remove any old tile or flooring before you can install the new tile. Be careful, because the demolition process can damage other parts of your bathroom.

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Remove the toilet and any moveable furniture.

Address any water damage now, before you install the new tile. This is the perfect time to fix this kind of damage.

Install the subfloor. The subfloor should be screwed down every 12 inches to keep it secure. This is also when you may want to add a heated floor element.

When it's time to install the tile you will need to cut the pieces to the correct size. This is important for any areas along the wall or around corners. If you don't cut customer pieces there will be big gaps in your tile, which can lead to water damage.

Using spacers between the tiles ensures that they follow a straight line and that they are evenly spaced. After that, you will grout the tile.

Those are the basic steps to install ceramic tile. For more details, see the linked video.