Different Types of Certified Electricians

Electricians cover a variety of issues, inspections, and maintenance requests. Certified electricians actually have a diverse set of job tasks. In the video linked above, a construction and maintenance electrician named Tom goes over the best part of his job, the “earning while you’re learning” that happens with apprenticeships.

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Let's learn a little bit about the 3 types of licenses an electrician can obtain.

There are so many different types to the electrical trade. It varies from initial stages of construction, maintenance of an existing building, or some troubleshooting if something goes wrong at a factory. The three electrician licenses you can earn are the following: the 309, the 309C, and then the 442.

The 309 license is earned for construction and maintenance. This encompasses work on strip malls, factories, and generally any large building housing many people. The 309C is earned for domestic and rural properties. The 309C is for electricians who wire houses and work on farm installations. Lastly, the 442 is industrial, meaning these electricians do troubleshooting at places like car plants. 442 electricians are known to work in one place, rather than moving around a lot like other electricians.

For more info on electrician certifications, tune into the video we have linked above.