Tips for Carpet Installers

While most people leave it to professional carpet installers, anyone can install carpet with the right tools and some patience. Here are some tips for your first time installing carpet in your home.

The most important tool for this job is a carpet kicker. This tool is only used for installing carpets, so you may not already have it in your home.

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In addition to the carpet, you will also need to install the padding. This is the first layer above the subfloor. Once you place it on the floor you should screw or nail down the padding so it doesn't move throughout the rest of the process.

It is important to measure every room and know exactly how much carpet you need. As you lay down the carpet make sure it is straight and even, and use masking tape to keep any adjoining pieces together.

To cut the carpet you will need a cutting knife. Make sure there isn't any important material under the carpet while you are cutting, or you may accidentally cut it.

Use the carpet kicker to tuck the edges of the carpet under the baseboards. Place a carpet transition over any edges for a clean look.

For more tips on carpet installation, watch the linked video.