What Are Solar Shades?

Modern window treatment has come a long way, and the innovation of solar shades supplies a significant benefit for any homeowner looking to reduce heat and preserve their privacy. These shades are fantastic for summertime when UV rays are most likely to harm one's skin and roll in scorching temperatures. Solar shades come in a number of different fabrics that modify the level of transparency of your shades.

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This brings another level of customization to your window treatment as you can decide just how opaque you would like your shades based on your personal needs. Fabric openness expresses how tight the weave is and the level of visibility a unit can offer.

On the topic of window openness, it should be understood that an openness value ranges from 1%. 1% is a low openness value with a tighter weave, more privacy, and less of a view. 10% will grant you a much clearer view with a lower, but still serviceable, protection from light and heat. The most popular choices of solar shade purchasers are in the middle 3%-5%, to get the best of UV protection and privacy. It should be noted that this product is unable to offer privacy in the nighttime.