Signs You Need a Tree Removal Service

Tree removal can be a sad situation. They provide pretty landscaping and a nice view in an otherwise barren yard. Despite this, some trees pose a hazard to society and need to be removed. Below are a few signs that your tree needs to be taken down.

If your tree has large chunks of bark peeling or falling off of its trunk, that is a sign that the tree is dead and needs to be removed before it falls and causes damage to your property. This will happen eventually, so the sooner you can hire a tree removal service, the better. The danger it poses to your house will be much more than the cost of the removal service.

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Seeing mushrooms grow at the base of the trunk is a bad sign. This means that the trunk has decaying nutrients that the mushrooms feed on, causing them to grow on your tree. The tree is not salvageable at this point, it is dying or dead and will need to be removed before it becomes a problem for your personal safety and the safety of your property.

Trees can be beautiful, but a dead one can be deadly. Get yours removed before it is too late.