Budget-Friendly Fence Installation Tutorial

On the AT Improvements channel on YouTube in the video titled "DIY Fence on a Budget", they discuss techniques for building a fence yourself around your home in the backyard. Before beginning, the first thing you need to do is rip down those old fences and clean the property of debris.

The old fence should be torn down and the yard cleaned for installation. A dumpster should be used to haul away the debris. Cleaning the area may take a few days.

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Then, you should plan on the materials and cost of the project before beginning. You should have some experience in DIY projects and fence installation.

You will need 4x4x8 posts to secure the horizontal post and 2.4 horizontal braces that are secured from both sides with two screws. The horizontal post should be put in 2 feet of concrete. You can mix the concrete yourself with water and pour it into the hole. The pickets will be installed with two nails going into each brace.

To plan the perimeter, install the corner post first and use a sting and spray paint to map out the layout. The videos show consumers how to install a fence using string to keep boards straight and look at it visually for defects and crooked parts. This fence installation could take a few weeks to complete.