Understanding Local Irrigation Services

Irrigation comes in two flavors: drip irrigation that waters the roots of plants and trees and sprinkler irrigation that covers wider areas. You'll see these on farms and on commercial properties. However, these systems have to be maintained by local irrigation services lest breaks happen or roots grow into the pipes.

What Do Local Irrigation Technicians Do?

Any professional checks his truck, supplies, and job specifications for the day before he travels to his first job. In the video, Mark Tschirhart walks us through prepping his truck and his paperwork for the day.

Video Source

Underground pipes, be they irrigation or water and sewage, encounter tree roots. They grow into and through the pipes, causing leaks. The roots must be removed and the pipes repaired or replaced. Mr. Tschirhart notified the homeowner of the problem before taking on his next job.

Adjusting the reach of the spray and capping pipes causing puddles is another job of local irrigation services. Working in the mud is part of the everyday tasks of the irrigation technician, but solving homeowners' and commercial irrigation problems is the goal.

Final Thoughts

Irrigation gives home and business owners a lush green carpet with which to add value to a home or business. Irrigation also saves money, and water, as well as facilitating proper drainage in any green space.