Is Your Roof Ready for Spring? Check This List

Roofs come under intense weather conditions, especially during cold winters and hot summers. After winter, you need to check your roof to ensure it's ready for spring and summer. Any roofing company will tell you roof maintenance is essential to avoid major leaks and costly repairs. The video gives tips on ensuring your roof is ready for the warm weather.

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First, visually inspect your roof. Scan the entire roof, and look out for algae and moss. Algae damages roof shingles by eating away at them. Algae can spread quite fast, so it needs to be removed quickly. Next, if you see damaged or missing shingles, you need to replace them. If there are multiple damaged shingles, you may need to replace the entire roof. Take a look at your gutters. You'll probably need to remove leaves and debris gathered in the gutters.

Spring is a good time to clean up your roof. While you're inspecting your roof, be sure you are wearing the proper safety equipment. If your roof needs to be fixed, consider hiring a roofing company, as they have the equipment and skill required to fix any problem.