How to Install Blow In Installation Services

If one worries about rising energy bills, it may be time to fix the issue. The attic is one of the main culprits of energy loss in a house. One might consider a common choice like blown in insulation services to increase the comfort of their home and solve the high energy problem. This video gives a quick process for installing blown-in insulation.

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The name "blown-in insulation" comes from the way this method is applied. The material is blown or sprayed in the attic. There are two types of blow-in insulation: loose-fill fiberglass made from glass fibers and cellulose blown-in insulation made from crenelated wood and paper.

Ensuring the attic is ready and all issues are fixed before starting is crucial. It is also vital to handle any pipes that will come into contact with the insulation, such as water pipes, HVAC, lighting, and venting. Set up barriers so the insulation does not travel to unnecessary areas. The blower set up and handling requires two people. One will operate the blower, while the other will direct the hose. Since the blower introduces air into the insulation, the person controlling it must also control the amount of air entering the machine.


Blow-in insulation is the best option to lower energy bills and maintain a cozy home. So, hiring professional blown insulation services will give the best solution for improving insulation in the attic.