Want a Lawn Sprinkler? Here Are Your Choices

To keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, you need to have the right type of sprinkler and sprinkler head. The video on lawn sprinklers demonstrates the different kinds available and the best uses for them.

The common sprinkler heads used are rotary nozzles, rotors, and spray heads. They're available in pop-ups and shrub types.

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Pop-ups stay below the surface and pop up when they're turned on. They come in various heights. Shrub-style sprinklers don't pop up. Instead, they are mounted on shrub sticks and placed in flower beds.

Rotors have gears that rotate the nozzle turret which sprays out water either rotating fully or partially. These are great for grass lawns. Spray heads sprinkle water in a fan shape. These come in different lengths and are commonly used in flowerbeds.

Rotary nozzles spray in multiple streams and distances. Spray and rotary nozzles use less water than rotors. Rotors cover larger areas and require more water pressure.

Impact rotors use a lot of water and are good for large areas. Bubbler heads create puddles around the plant's base to ensure water goes deep into the roots. Hose-end sprinklers are used to water specific areas only.

Determine the type of lawn sprinkler you require and purchase accordingly. If you're unsure, ask a professional contractor for more information.