Here Are the Most Likely Reasons for Your Roof Leak

Let's take a look at some of the common reasons for a roof to leak. Damage from storms, simple wear and tear, and many different things can cause a roof leak. If such a problem occurs, it's crucial to solve it quickly. Fortunately, local roofing companies can help.

Time wears all things down eventually, including roofs. When it comes to roof leaks, age is probably the number one cause.

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Of course, that can mean a lot of things. The shingles might be falling out of place. Wood or even your building's foundation could settle, causing the roof to shift, perhaps resulting in gaps.

Weather can cause problems both with new and old roofs. As a roof ages, the risk of problems will increase. Nails, adhesives, and various other things will slowly wear down. This will make them more prone to issues when high winds and strong storms hit. Still, even a new roof may buckle under a strong storm, resulting in leaks.

Standing water is also a serious issue. If water flows off of your roof, it simply has less time to find a way in. On the other hand, if the water pools, say in a depression or due to backed-up gutters, it may find a way in.