Details on James Hardie Siding

Installing James Hardie siding is considered relatively easy as long as you follow basic instructions. Here's a guide to James Hardie siding installation. Prep Steps The first step is installing the trim and blocking out penetrations.

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Water can penetrate the siding if the penetrations aren't blocked. Caulking helps cover penetrations. Marking is recommended to ensure that you get perfect angles and measurements. Saw Blade The primary tool used during installation is a fiber saw blade. Start nailing and installing plank near the bottom. It's important to leave a gap between the trim and siding. Try to follow state laws regarding coding. General coding mandates that you avoid putting James Hardie siding less than six inches above the top of grade during installation. Flashing Light Flashing light helps when you are cutting siding into multiple pieces during installation. The only potential disturbance during installation is a block out on the property. Things should go smoothly as you make proper measurements before starting and utilize the right tools during installation. Most contractors install James Hardie siding within an hour.