The Best Behaviors to Help Your Aggressive Dog

In this video, Cesar 911 is tasked with sending the anxious and aggressive dog, Leon, to dog obedience school. When Leon's owner, Lisa, passed away suddenly, Lisa's friend Caitlin and her fiance Andrew stepped in to help. Leon became an important symbol of their dear friend Lisa, and helped Caitlin deal with the grief of her friend's unexpected passing.

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Unfortunately, Leon wasn't handling the trauma well; he became protective of Caitlin and aggressive with other dogs and people. After Leon bit someone, animal control was called in. The authorities made it clear that if Leon had another biting incident, he would be removed from Caitlin's care. After weeks of increased aggression, Lisa's mother, Sue, and friend Sunny knew it was time to call for help. In this video, Cesar meets with Caitlin and Leon, diagnoses the problem, and decides on a plan of action to help Leon become the dog he once was. Cesar is confident he can help Lisa's friends and family retrain Leon in dog obedience school so that he is a loving memory of their friend Lisa instead of a source of anxiety and stress.