Common Insurance Questions About Auto Glass Replacement

The windshield on a vehicle is one of the most critical features in a car, apart from the engine. Are you insured and in need of auto glass replacement? As you may know, auto insurance is compulsory for any vehicle owner in the US. Thus, one may assume an auto insurer covers a windshield replacement.

Video Source

As the Youtube video "Windshield and Auto Glass Insurance FAQ" explains, there are usually a few typical questions that many auto insurance members ask about this type of coverage.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance companies are required by law to offer policies that are designed to cover, at the very least, the basics. Of course, the coverage requirements will differ from state to state. The question is, are any of these policies required to cover glass replacement or repair? The short answer is yes. Insurance companies generally cover windshield replacement or repair under comprehensive cover.

Another common question is whether to do a DIY repair job. Due to the technical requirements of changing a windscreen, it may be best, and less expensive, to leave the windshield replacement to the professionals. A botched job may cost a lot more in the long run.

Asking the right questions may save time and money while reducing the inconvenience of the experience.