How to Find the Best Wood Flooring

Ready to create a stunning home? Nothing beats the elegance of perfectly chosen wood flooring. But with so many options available, how can homeowners know which is the right fit for their family? Well, between the video and this article, there is a wealth of knowledge to help narrow down the best options!

Option 1: Hardwood

The biggest draw of hardwood flooring is that it is 100% the real deal, made from solid wood, and will definitely last a lifetime. This type of flooring is ideal for those who want a classic, timeless look that exudes luxury and sophistication.

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Sure, it comes with a higher price tag, but for the option with the greatest combination of longevity and beauty, it's worth every penny.

Option 2: Engineered Wood Flooring

Now, don't be fooled. This option is not fool's gold. It's just as real as hardwood. The difference is that it's made from a thin layer of real wood on top of multiple layers of high-density fiberboard. What does that mean for homeowners? It's more affordable than hardwood but still looks just as stunning. It's perfect for those who want the look of hardwood without breaking the bank.

Option 3: Bamboo Flooring

The third, final, and likely most unique option is bamboo flooring. For the eco-conscious, bamboo flooring is the perfect option. Made from fast-growing bamboo grass, it's a sustainable choice that is just as durable as traditional hardwood. Plus, it looks stunning.