Becoming an Auto Insurance Agent

A seasoned agent in the auto insurance field, Arthur Ingraham, offers valuable advice through YouTube on becoming a licensed auto insurance agent. Being an auto insurance agent is a rewarding career as it allows agents to help their clients by comprehensively providing various insurance options.

The first step towards becoming an agent in the insurance field is obtaining the necessary licenses. Typically, a license to sell insurance under property and casualty is preferred, as most customers who opt for auto insurance also purchase life and health insurance.

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Aspiring auto insurance agents can visit to obtain comprehensive information on licensing requirements and find valuable resources to guide them through the process.

To sell auto insurance, agents must have a contract with an insurance company to represent them as a mediator between the client and the company. There are two types of insurance agents: a captive agent and an independent agent.

Captive agents represent only one insurance company, which allows them to focus on promoting that company's products. However, this can limit their options for clients. In contrast, independent agents have contracts with multiple insurance companies, enabling them to collect quotes from various companies and compare rates to find the best package for their clients.