The Benefits of Granite Countertops

In this video, Chick Fix looks at the pros and cons of granite countertops. This durable and great looking option provides the appearance of marble at a more affordable price and a tougher counter than tile or vinyl. What Makes Granite So Special? Granite counters don't stain or burn. When cooking on the stove, a chef can remove a pot and place it directly on a granite counter without damaging the counter.

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If you can't find a cutting board, cut vegetables or fruit directly on the granite because it won't mar the surface. The downside of this durability comes when you set something down with force, and the granite breaks it. Because granite counters offer a non-porous surface, it also offers an easy-to-clean and sanitize surface. A cleaner with a rubbing alcohol base or straight rubbing alcohol takes off permanent marker or other items that would stain another countertop. Although granite costs a bit more than other options, it adds to the home's resale value. While cutting the holes for the sink, faucet, and other hardware won't create a problem for a professional installer, do hire a plumber separately to install the sink. That's not your countertop installer's expertise.