How 24 Hour Tow Truck Services Unload Cars

Most tow truck services will use a ramp to load cars onto the back of the truck. The car is driven up the ramp and then secured with straps or chains before being lifted onto the flatbed. Some 24 hr towing services may use a crane to lift the car onto the truck instead of a ramp. This is typically done if the vehicle is too damaged to drive or if the ramp would cause damage to the vehicle.

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Once the car is on the flatbed, it is usually covered with a tarp to protect it from the elements.

The tarp is then secured to the flatbed with straps or chains. The car is then ready to be transported to its destination. Most tow truck services will transport the car to a garage or impound lot where it can be repaired or disposed of. If the car is being towed to an impound lot, the driver will usually have to pay a fee before the car is released. If the car is being towed to a garage, the driver may be able to leave the car there for a period of time before it needs to be picked up. Tow truck services are an essential part of the automotive industry.