Should You Invest in an Automated Lock?

Some smart devices are particularly useful, while others feel kind of forced. But how can you tell them apart? This video by the Wall Street Journal touches upon one smart device, automated locks, and examines whether they're worth it. There are pros and cons associated with any smart device.

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A big pro of an automated lock is that there are no physical functions that can be messed with, preventing would-be thieves from easily unlocking it. This isn't true for all smart locks though, so keep that in mind. However, if they are a proficient hacker, they may be able to compromise the security of the lock. A big benefit of a lot of smart locks is convenience. The one in the WSJ video, for instance, can be unlocked with a passcode or a phone app and requires no physical key, which beats a physical key any day. All you have to do is make sure not to forget the passcode or your phone. One thing you can do is write the passcode outside the house in a secure location. Perhaps the biggest con of this is the price. You don't buy things like this on a whim, so if you aren't sold on an automated lock, don't impulse buy.