How to Prepare Before Hiring an Excavation Service

Home and business owners have a wide variety of reasons for why they may hire an excavation service: they may be building a pool, pond, or underground structure like a basement or cellar. The one thing they have in common, however, is the need to prepare by calling 811. This will give you the information you need to have before digging.

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Although there are plenty of power lines running over our heads, some run beneath our feet as well. Damaging these lines with a shovel or machinery can cause electrocution or even electrical fires. Hitting gas lines can also cause fires or lead to dangerous side effects for those who breathe in the gas. Finally, sewer lines are another digging hazard, as a damaged sewer line can cause problems for the water going in and out of your neighborhood.

You may consider a project as simple as digging a garden or installing a mailbox to be harmless enough that you don't have to worry about the stated dangers. However, power, gas, and sewer lines can run through unexpected areas. If you're hiring an excavation service for modest projects like these, you still need to call 811 and find out what runs through your property.

Once you account for everything running through the property, be sure to mark it by spray paint white lines or inserting flags, so workers know where to avoid digging. These measures only have to last for as long as you have people digging on your property. Save your excavation service the trouble of dealing with hazards buried underground and call 811 before you call the professionals.