Why Plastic Surgery Increased After COVID

While countless industries have suffered since COVID-19 emerged, plastic surgery has seen a boom since the pandemic arrived on the scene. At first, surgeons assumed fewer people would be getting plastic surgery. The thinking was that people had other things to worry about and many had less money due to shutdowns and job loss. They were surprised when this thesis proved to be wrong.

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One obvious factor leading to this increase in surgery is the fact that so many people began looking at themselves more during COVID-19 shutdowns. Whether it be in a business call for remote work or chatting with a friend, people found themselves looking in the mirror that is their phone or computer screen. These hours of self-inspection may lead to insecurities which wouldn't otherwise arise.

The stigma around plastic surgery has also become less severe over time. Whereas surgery has traditionally been seen as a denial of self, it has now found more acceptance as more people elect to have procedures. When people find it is a friend or family member who chose to get surgery, they may be less harsh in their judgement of the procedure.

This trend that arose during COVID-19 may continue into the future. As technology changes society through our social habits and medical advancements, plastic surgery may continue to boom. The more people elect to have surgery, the less stigma there will be, and the happier people will be with their own procedures.